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Our Slot Games

The Diamond Sprinter is a classic slot machine with a fun bingo-like element to the basic game, and some killer prizes in the top game!
The Double Sprinter is a familiar sight to see for slot machine enthusiasts! You start playing on the bottom reels and by collecting winnings in the clubmeter you can play the high paying top game!
The New Kids slotmachine is a branded fruitmachine based on the hilarious New Kids brand that sparked a cultural phenomenon back in the 2000's with their online sketch comedy videos and 2 succesful feature films.

How would a slot machine look if it was powered by steam, with all the cogs and wheels clearly visible? The Steampunk 500 takes you into the steampunk-subculture.
Crazywheel 500 is one of our most popular slot machine. With its furious nature and multiple win-lines at the top-game, it will keep your players coming back.
Life is good at the beach. Blue sea, palmtrees and bikinis, with a cocktail in your hand it's time to go on a hot adventure with the Tropicana slot game.
This classic slotmachine is no joke! The Wild Joker offers a basic game with a Higher and Lower feature, and a top game with 4 different bet levels.
Chinatown is an utterly unique oriental adventure. With a least 8 top reels along with 4 symbols on top gives you the opportunity to play with a whopping 48 winlines!
It’s all about re-living those exciting moments you had when you first won big on your favorite slot machine. Mixx-It brings back these times with it's classic slot machine look.

Jurassic Classic is our newest themed slot machine based on the famous movie blockbuster Jurassic Park.
TimeMachine500 lets you choose between 10 different bet settings, each offering a Mystery Win Feature that pays up to 800 Credits.
Nudge Attack also features a board game-styled sub game where you roll the dice, and decide when you want to cash-out on your winnings.
What treasures do the ancient Incas keep? Find out in this classic reel-stacked adventure slot! The Inca Gold
offers a free choice of five different game modes.
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