Total Solution

Casino’s today are looking for that extra edge to outweigh the competition. One of the ways of doing that is by having a unique collection of games that will be your customer’s favorites. With Spinstars this is exactly what you’ll get.

We offer a complete, flexible and easy-to-implement package!

Easy API integration

Integrating with Spinstars is super easy; Just set up your own API details within our Back office, set up our 4 basic API calls, and you’re ready to go! Off course we will be happy to assist in any way.

You can use your proprietary bonus program with our API, making it possible for players to play their bonuses on our games. We support both playing with bonus money and creating free spins.

Our API is flexible, and we can make specific changes to fit your needs. Let’s get this done!

Detailed Backoffice

If we were to welcome you as a customer, you would be given access to a ‘Client Area’. The Client Area offers detailed statistics, gameplay information, player information, marketing assets and all other required tools in a professional environment.

Keep track of performance
It’s a clear back-office solution that both helps to keep track of performance, as well as detailed player behaviour information.

Customer Satisfaction

There is even more than just what meets the eye when playing on a SpinStars game. One of the benefits of playing on a Spinstars game is that you can continue your play, even days after you have last played.

Instant support
Your customers will also be pleased by the way we deal with technical issues; the Spinstars platform has an automatic problem solver that will solve (almost) any issue that may arise during gameplay. Now that’s instant support to your players!

We also allow you to give the best customer support by giving you all the information about every round played by your players.

Our Slotmachines

Slot machines offer a completely different experience than video slots. Where most casino software focuses on offering video slots, we know from experience that a lot of players are missing the availability of good quality slot machines.

Player retention
One of the main differences to the players lies in the fact that slot machines are actually more interactive than video slots. A typical slot machine will have a multiple game modes to choose from, an option to hold reels in place for the next round and the ability to re-wager winnings in sub-games. Players can develop their own style of play, boosting player enjoyment and retention.

Experience it
We don’t just provide ground-breaking graphics, we provide the gameplay to match. We know what makes a slot machine fun and exciting, and we know what make players stick.

Just try one of our slot machines on our games page to experience it!

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